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Inspired by the old school rhythms of disco, funk, 90’s house and pop, Khadija Lisa allows us into her glittery world of music with the release of her first EP, GLOW. From an early age, the pop diva knew she wanted to be a star and performed all over the Hartford, CT area, singing, dancing, and acting everywhere she could. She eventually moved to New York to study acting and on one of her trips back to Hartford, she met an artist/producer who made her a fun, dance beat. After she wrote to it, Khadija released it as her first single, “Don’t Go Jimmy” in January, 2018. 

Since then, Khadija has been consistently making music filled with fierce, hard hitting downbeats and synthesizers, with a hint of the old school flare. She released her second single, Galore, in February, 2019 which was said to sound like a cross between 90’s Madonna and Janet Jackson. She is now back to release her first full musical project, GLOW, an EP that consists of Galore, along with four new house tracks. She calls her music, “FEEL GOOD MUSIC”, because once the rhythms move through your body, you have no choice but to dance. 

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